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With PIQlist, playlists always change for the better. You see a steady stream of the best tunes from all your connections, and keep a playlist score to show just how influential you are.

PIQlist combines the musical genius of you and your friends.

With PIQlist, the very act of discovering a new tune worthy of being in your top-twenty, sets of a social chain reaction

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What happens when music influence is left to the people?

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We're so proud to be able to help music artists get discovered while at the same time give fans a real opportunity to connect with them.

Jim Hodson Founder IQ Holdings

Any discovery approach that uses people rather than machines has got to be less formulaic and more from the heart

Javed Pothiawalla CEO

When you think about the power of bringing everyone's top twenty together in one place, and connecting them as they evolve, it bodes well for the future of music.

Carrie Friend CEO Friendsight

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